Cast Your Proxy Vote

Saturday January 13, 2018
Thornton Middle School
19802 Keith Harrow Blvd
10:00 AM

Notice of Annual Meeting

The Westfield Village CIA Board of Directors has called for the annual meeting to be held on the above date and location for the purpose of electing the following officers and conducting any legal business that comes to the Board’s attention.

If you choose not to return by mail, you can vote online at our website There are 2 positions open. Please vote for 2 even if blank as someone may volunteer at meeting.
For Proxy to be valid, all assessments must be paid through 2017

Nominee #1: (Troy Whitehurst, Write-In, Abstain)
Property Address
Home Owner's Name
Nominee #2: (Candidate to be named at meeting, Write-In, Abstain)
Cast Vote
The official nominees are listed. You may write-in your own choice or write ABSTAIN.

I authorize Westfield Village CIA Board of Directors to cast my vote at the annual meeting as follows: