FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my annual HOA fees?
A: Annual fees for Westfield Village HOA are $360.00.

Q: When are my fees due to be paid?
A: The annual fees are due on January 1st of each calendar year. If they are not paid within the 30 day grace period (January 31st deadline), interest will accrue.

Q: Where do I mail my annual fees?
A: Our mailing address is 5425 Fry Road, Suite 2 Katy TX 77449.

Q: I have never been given a pool pass, how do I obtain one?
A: Please send an email to VP-operations@westfieldvillageCIA.com and request one. You will be contacted by a board member who will make arrangements to get the card to you.

Q: I have lost my pool pass, how do I get it replaced?
A: Please send an email to VP-operations@westfieldvillageCIA.com and request a replacement. You will be contacted by a board member who will make arrangements to get the card to you. There will be a $8.00 charge to cover the replacement card.

Q: Can I get an additional pool pass?
A: Yes, however there is a limit of 2 per household. The first card issued to all homes is free, each additional card will cost $8.00.

Q: I want to make some improvements/additions to the exterior of my home. What do I need to do to ensure that I am in line with the Westfield Village Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions?
A: Please refer to the following documents for the section of the community that you reside in:
Also keep in mind that no improvements/additions can be started without the approval of the board of directors. Please submit an ACC Form for approval prior to beginning the project. For additional information or clarification, please send a message to VP-ACC@westfieldvillageCIA.com.

Q: I am trying to find out if my HOA fees were paid when I closed on my house. Who can I contact to find this out?
A: Please send a request to Treasurer@westfieldvillageCIA.com.

Q: I would like to volunteer some time to assist with various projects in the community. Who can I contact for information?
A: Please send an email to VP-Operations@westfieldvillageCIA.com. They will let you know what opportunities are available and how to get involved in the community.

Q: I have received a letter from Graham Management Company stating that I need to correct a deed restriction violation, but I am not in violation. I think the letter was sent to the wrong house. How do I correct this?
A: Please send a message to DeedRestrictions@westfieldvillageCIA.com and explain the discrepancy. The board member responsible for handling our deed restriction violations will be happy to clarify the matter.

Q: I am experiencing financial difficulties; can I make arrangements for a payment schedule with the board for my annual maintenance fees?
A: Yes, please contact the Treasurer@westfieldvillageCIA.com to make arrangements. We are willing to work with you to negotiate a payment schedule (within reason) that will pay off your fees over the course of a few months.

Q: When does the pool open and what are the hours of operation?
A: Please see the Pool Schedule.

Q: Why am I paying annual maintenance fees? What are the funds used for?
A: Westfield Village CIA is a non-profit organization. The maintenance fees that are paid by each homeowner go toward maintaining the community. Primarily the funds are used for upkeep in our common areas. These are the pool, playground areas, entryway and other common areas within the community that require landscaping services. For a complete look at the community’s financial statement, please see Financials.