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Deed Restriction Violations

While the Board has been working on correcting major violations, the main problems seem to be the little things that make our neighborhood look unsightly. We send out about 75 letters a month for people not putting their trash cans away after collection. Please put them in your garages or behind your fence after collection days.

Another problem is vehicles parked in the street at night or parked for extended periods. Please park your vehicle in your garages or driveways. This is becoming a safety issue, as there are numerous small children in the neighborhood. It is also difficult for emergency vehicles and school buses to navigate around parked cars on the street.

The Board has begun levying fines for violations of our Deed Covenants.

Homeowners Association Dues

In order to avoid any confusion; your 2010 Homeowners association dues invoices were mailed separately this year. These are due January 31, 2010. These funds are used to pay for the operating expenses of the homeowners association and any capital improvements that the Board may elect to make. Enclosed is the approved 2010 operating budget listing our expenses.

While we understand that some of you are having financial difficulties, you still need to pay your dues. If you cannot pay the entire amount by January 31, 2010, please send in a portion of the amount you owe. Late fees and collection charges are assessed February 1, if payment is not received. The Board will work with you if you contact us with alternative payment arrangements.
You also now have the ability to make payments online.